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Tank Trouble is the legendary puzzle game about containers, fights and also the utmost craze of occupations. It enables you to go on an daring battling spree. It was introduced in December 2007 by Danish game programmer Mad Purup. Tank Trouble permits you to play with just one or even two or three gamers without the demand of any other computer characters.

Tank Trouble is a conquest based video game in which the players are supposed to play against each other in a maze. In this video game the gamer needs to ruin the challenger to win the game. The bomb blasted by the storage tanks chooses around 20 bounces hitting the walls before disappearing. To identify their storage tanks each gamer is offered a various shade tank and also the score counter of game is continually updated at the base of the video game display. The video game provides various power up throughout the video game, with each power up having its very own power. The problem degree of the video game differs with the puzzle. You can make use of puzzle walls for security and alter the difficulty degree by changing the settings of labyrinth as well as weapons of the tank. To win the video game one needs to make use of the wall surfaces of the labyrinth smartly. You could hit the tank of the opponent even if its concealed in the shut corner of the labyrinth. All you have to do is to fire the bomb such that it enters the closed corridor of the maze.The settings of the game are conveniently editable as it is a single web page video game. If in some way you mess up with the setups you can return to default settings to play.

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